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Sasshole Clothing is an edgy t-shirt company built on a foundation of sarcastic humor, sassy personalities and brutal honesty.

Sasshole is a brand that most individuals can relate with. One in which both men and women understand the struggles life can bring from relationships, family, or friendships. Sasshole Clothing was born as an outlet for you to express your sassy, bold, and fearless personality for the world to see without fear of consequences. After all, life is short, so let's live it to the fullest and also have fun along the way!

I've thoroughly enjoyed creating this brand and I hope you enjoy wearing it even more. As I say, "Wear It. Own It. Be It." Wear it proudly for the world to see like a badge of honor. Own that you're a Sasshole with a bold, fearless and sassy personality. And finally, never be afraid to speak your mind and be true to yourself in this politically correct world we live in. Your thoughts and opinions do matter even if they don’t coincide with the mainstream ideology that surrounds you daily.